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History & Geography

At EACMSI, history lessons begin with overarching concepts and gradually zoom in overtime.

History and geography are part of the cosmic curriculum, commencing with the birth of our universe.

Multiple global creation stories, including the big bang, are the first history lessons. Later lessons develop a deeper understanding of time, using materials like the Long Black Strip and the Clock of Eras. Students fully internalize that humans have lived on Earth for a mere fraction of its history and time is explored through an evolutionary lens. Later, adolescents learn that time is a human construct, and is conceptualized differently in different cultures.

EACMSI students don’t leave our school without studying the contributions different groups of people have made. The framework used at every level is how all humans have met their fundamental needs, and shared ideas over time and land; cultural diffusion. 

Dr. Maria Montessori developed history and geography studies for children during the destruction of World Wars I and II. She was committed to giving children a big picture of the cosmos. This requires an interdisciplinary approach to the study of history, with materials and lessons on physical, cultural, and political geography supporting deep understanding and integration. An important aspect of all lessons in history is the explicit teaching that all information is curated through a lens worth examining.