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Visual Arts

Art is an integral part of our curriculum from Primary through Middle School.

Students observe and learn about art both formally and informally, and are supported in individual and group efforts to create with confidence and joy. From our youngest student to our oldest, there are frequent opportunities to respond to academic lessons artistically, thus expanding the ways knowledge is expressed.

Formal art instruction begins in Primary with a systematic introduction to many different mediums. The focus at this level is twofold: the acquisition of basic fine motor skills and the appropriate use of different tools. Young children are also exposed to works by various masters and begin to develop an appreciative lens through which to consider works of art.

As children grow and develop, they are provided instruction and skill-building in a variety of mediums. By experimenting with materials, techniques, and tools, children learn to think creatively and take risks. Students are encouraged to think about what they see by describing and analyzing the elements and principles of design in their various environments.

Artistic expression is a fundamental human tendency and students are exposed to a range of cultural traditions, often related to those they are studying in separate disciplines.

We believe that all children are artists and we nurture their artistic voices accordingly. Student artwork is exhibited throughout the school to celebrate their accomplishments. The Celebration of the Arts is in April and represents the culmination of the students’ year of visual art.