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Student Health Services

School Health Services at EACMSI are provided through the Ithaca City School District.        The School Nurse acts as a liaison between home and school.

New York State has several requirements for school attendance:

•  New entrants must provide proof of immunizations.
•  New entrants must provide a copy of their physical exam (performed by a US MD, PA or NP) that is dated no earlier than twelve months prior to the start of the school year.
•  New entrants must complete the Ithaca City School District Developmental-Medical History form. A link to this form is included in the medical section of the online enrollment process.
•  For all students under 6 years of age – please provide results of lead testing from your healthcare provider if it is not documented on the physical exam report.
•  A dental certificate is requested for all students. Your dentist can provide this documentation.

If your child requires medications (prescription and non-prescription) at school:

•  please obtain written medication orders from your child’s healthcare provider. Make sure that a copy is forwarded to the health office.
•  a parent/guardian signature is also required for the School Nurse to dispense medication to your child.
•  all medication needs to be delivered by an adult to the school nurse in the original packaging. There is a receiving process for all medications. It is important that you speak to the nurse in person and that you sign the needed paperwork.

You may contact your healthcare provider to fax a copy of the physical exam report, immunization records, lead testing results and medication orders to the EACMSI School Nurse at (607) 277-0251.

Fighting the Flu at Home and School

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) requires schools to share information about influenza (flu) and the benefits of the flu vaccination at the start of flu season in early fall. This year, flu vaccination is more important than ever because the flu and the virus that causes COVID-19 may both be spreading.

According to the NYSDOH, the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent flu. It is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older every year. Getting vaccinated can prevent flu-related hospitalizations and deaths in children. The vaccine can also reduce flu illnesses, doctor’s visits, and missed work and school days.

NYSDOH Factsheet Fighting Flu at Home and Schools

Additional Resources

The CDC’s The Flu: A Guide for Parents explains the seriousness of the flu for children, how to protect them from the flu and how to take care of a child who has the flu.

Fight Flu
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