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The EACMSI Difference

We have a comprehensive curriculum that begins with a child’s first experience at age three and continues until graduation at the end of Middle School.

Our faculty is unparalleled in the level of professional excellence they bring to EACMSI both as individuals and as dynamic members of a collaborative community of adults. The retention rate of our faculty guarantees the continuity and consistency of our programming.

The interplay between master teachers, some of whom have been teaching for 30 or more years, and younger colleagues who bring a fresh eye, keeps EACMSI steeped in tradition while remaining relevant to an ever-changing cultural landscape.

Our campus is substantial and beautiful both inside and out. Our environments are filled with bright light and beautifully bountiful materials and our outside spaces are ripe for robust learning and play.

Our culture is uncharacteristically rich because we mindfully mark each school year with regularly spaced festivals, celebrations, and commemorations that bring the entire school together in the community. Students of all ages engage with one another during these occasions, and relationships are fostered across the age span.

Our Buddy Program partners younger students with older mentors who come together periodically in both structured and unstructured ways. These relationships may span many years and are much loved by young and old.

We are committed to transforming the world through the education of children and continuously reevaluating our practice to meet the ever-unfolding demands of the future.


  • know who they are as learners and as individuals.
  • are academically prepared and articulate.
  • are collaborative, confident, independent, and responsible.
  • are resourceful contributors and problem solvers.
  • are committed community members.
  • are open-hearted, enthusiastic, and engaged.
  • negotiate conflict respectfully.
  • are skillful advocates for self and others.

Our graduates explain the EACMSI difference best.